Keenan Korth

Keenan was born and raised in Henderson, NV, and he studied liberal arts, architecture, and design in New York City. He has experience as an architect, developing project and research proposals, designing libraries, housing, and other public and private institutional projects, and curating public architectural exhibitions. He has a keen interest in how we organize ourselves into a society via our built environment, social relationships, political ideology, and public policy. Keenan is a co-founder and former chair of Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America, organized nationally and locally with Progressive Democrats of America and Healthcare-NOW!, and has experience building broad-based and issue-specific political coalitions of activists and grassroots organizations across Nevada.

Tom McCullough

Tom is an Air Force veteran and began his career certified public accountant. He has been a peace and civil rights activist since 1968, and has experience as the CFO of Serrot International and the COO of Gaming Partners International. He has extensive experience with political organizing, helping to found Las Vegas Working Families Party and working for Bernie Sanders’ 2016 Presidential Campaign. Tom most recently helped found and served as the Treasurer of the Veterans Service Corps, an organization that grew out of the veteran support of the water protectors protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. Together, Tom and Veterans Service Corps also worked with the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe to develop community projects, including the rehabilitation and renovation of their local childcare facilities.

Rose Ann Rabiola Miele

Rose Ann is originally from Chicago, IL. She has been a lifelong public servant, political organizer, and television and radio producer and host. She has lived in Boulder City, NV, since 1995. With post-graduate work in 20th Century Immigration History, she has, throughout her career, been the Assistant Director of a National Endowment for the Humanities project at the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, Public Information Officer for the City of Boulder City, and the Foundation Director of Boulder City Hospital. She has owned two small businesses and has written features and columns for Boulder City News and Boulder City Review. Rose Ann has been running and electing highly successful insurgent and independent candidates for decades and has stood for elected public office herself.

Tisia Procopio Stemp

Tisia is a native New Yorker, moved to Nevada in 1992, and she has been developing and running alternative education programs in Clark County ever since. She has a diverse background, holding Masters degrees in Education, Social-Psychology, and Fine Arts and Education. She has worked as a policy advocate, educator, consultant, family counselor, and social worker, and has been a sitting board and committee member for numerous civic organizations. Tisia has experience as a small business owner and entrepreneur, grant writer and field organizer for several national and local political organizations and campaigns. Throughout her years, she has continually worked closely with activist coalitions on transformative education, healthcare and community projects.

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