Craig Knight

Craig Knight is the Station Manager of 88.1 KCEP in Las Vegas, Nevada. He a descendant of Motown Music Royalty. He is the son of Meral Knight (aka Bubba) the brother of Gladys Knight of the Legendary Gladys Knight and The Pips …Gladys therefore is Craig’s Aunt… Read More

Ted Williams

“The Man with the Golden Voice”

In January 2011, with few possessions other than a handwritten sign he clutched as cars whizzed by, Ted Williams stood in the cold at a busy intersection in Columbus, Ohio, hoping for a miracle. “Broke, homeless, standing on a corner, addiction kicking my butt. My family had all given up on me,” Williams told NBC News in aninterview this week. The former radio announcer was trying to piece his life back together after it was ravaged by drugs and alcohol… Read More

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