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Keenan Korth

Keenan was born and raised in Henderson, NV, and he studied liberal arts, architecture, and design in New York City. He has experience as an architect, developing project and research proposals, designing libraries, housing, and other public and private institutional projects, and curating public architectural exhibitions. He has a keen interest in how we organize ourselves into a society via our built environment, social relationships, political ideology, and public policy. Keenan is a co-founder and former chair of Las Vegas Democratic Socialists of America, organized nationally and locally with Progressive Democrats of America and Healthcare-NOW!, and has experience building broad-based and issue-specific political coalitions of activists and grassroots organizations across Nevada.

Tom McCullough

Tom is an Air Force veteran and began his career certified public accountant. He has been a peace and civil rights activist since 1968, and has experience as the CFO of Serrot International and the COO of Gaming Partners International. Tom most recently helped found and served as the Treasurer of the Veterans Service Corps, an organization that grew out of the veteran support of the water protectors protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline. Together, Tom and Veterans Service Corps also worked with the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe to develop community projects, including the rehabilitation and renovation of their local childcare facilities.

Rose Ann Rabiola Miele

Rose Ann is originally from Chicago, IL. She has been a lifelong public servant, political organizer, and television and radio producer and host. She has lived in Boulder City, NV, since 1995. With post-graduate work in 20th Century Immigration History, she has, throughout her career, been the Assistant Director of a National Endowment for the Humanities project at the University of Illinois at Chicago Circle, Public Information Officer for the City of Boulder City, and the Foundation Director of Boulder City Hospital. She has owned two small businesses and has written features and columns for Boulder City News and Boulder City Review. Rose Ann has been running and electing highly successful insurgent and independent candidates for decades and has stood for elected public office herself.

Tisia Procopio Stemp

Tisia is a native New Yorker, moved to Nevada in 1992, and she has been developing and running alternative education programs in Clark County ever since. She has a diverse background, holding Masters degrees in Education, Social-Psychology, and Fine Arts and Education. She has worked as a policy advocate, educator, consultant, family counselor, and social worker, and has been a sitting board and committee member for numerous civic organizations. Tisia has experience as a small business owner and entrepreneur, grant writer and field organizer for several national and local political organizations and campaigns. Throughout her years, she has continually worked closely with activist coalitions on transformative education, healthcare and community projects.

James Harden, Jr.

James M. Harden, Jr. is a goal-driven and dedicated professional with extensive experience in fundraising and grant writing. His exceptional organizational skills are coupled with a strong competence in developing, designing,and implementing the strategic plans for fundraising with organizations. Possessing solid experience in handling program curricula, public relations, and operational management, James has a familiarity and understanding of various community resources with the ability to assess and formulate policies and provide overall program direction. He has been successful in developing strategic partnerships to support community development programs. Excellent interpersonal skills and proficient in building good communication channels has afforded James the ability to manage numerous projects and tasks simultaneously across multiple sectors while maintaining a portfolio of contacts 

Lya Taylor

Lya Taylor currently works as a Registered Nurse, managing the care of terminally ill patients as a Hospice Case Manager. Lya is involved in multiple non-profit organizations ranging from political involvement to healthcare reform as a board member for Healthcare Now.  Lya is also a member of the Nevada Nurses Association (NNA), and the American Nurses Association (ANA). The overall focus for Lya, is to empower women of color by teaching, leading and giving back to our communities, equality and fair treatment for all people, and affordable healthcare for all Americans.  Her participation with Concerts For Humanity as a Volunteer and Key Team Member for an upcoming School Fundraising event expands her community service and personal horizons as a real Humanitarian.

Shirley Maxwell

Shirley Maxwell did not follow the usual and customary path in the entertainment community. She graduated from Jane Addams College of Social Work/University of Illinois Circle Campus with a Master’s Degree in Social Welfare. She acquired a Bachelor of Sociology from the University of Arkansas, a Grant Writing Certificate from the University of Michigan’s Continuing Education Department, and a Management Certificate from the Human Service Institute in Chicago, Illinois. In further preparation for her business ventures, she successfully completed entrepreneurial training through CHARO, a small business development center in East Los Angeles California and the Vermont Slauson Economic Development Center.

Her diverse education, Social Work employment, and entertainment experience in: Casting, Artist Development, Film Financing, Film Packaging, Distribution, and Marketing and Sales have proven to be a great asset when working with the personality complexities she encounters. She particularly enjoyed working with the successful movie Producer/Director Michael Mann and the late Jimmy Sphinx (also a film Producer). Her first assisted casting project was “The Color Money” starring Tom Cruise and the late Paul Newman, filmed by the phenomenal Martin Scorsese (Film Director, Producer, Writer, Actor and Film Historian).  Shirley expanded to Film Financing for independent producers and later to Film Packaging and Distribution. Shirley collaborated with screenwriter Yougnesse Williams to co-write her screenplay “Step or Play”.  She also worked as a consultant with Nandar Studios as the Vice President of Marketing and Sales.

Shirley later formed Concerts For Humanity Inc. an IRS approved 501 (C) (3) entertainment based social service driven non-profit organization/charity.  Concerts For Humanity primarily utilizes the combined power of music/concert events, as well as the celebrity and talents of award winning recording artists and others to garner financial support for selected charities which address adversities such as, but not limited to: clean water, homelessness, hunger, military families and veterans, natural disaster driven problems, heart, cancer, and health issues.

Julia Coleman

Julia Coleman is passionate and driven, she made it her mission to transform the lives of her clients.

Julia’s is a job developer, licensed psychiatric nurse and a business woman over the past 15 years.
While assisting community – based organizations she was able to develop initiatives that focused on education and training. As an entrepreneur, she was CEO and Founder of JRT Development Services
in Las Vegas, NV a company that empowers, trains, develops individuals who have employment barriers
and provide job placement. In addition, she provided psychosocial rehabilitation services, treatment planning, group and individual coaching. She has a unique ability to emerge all three industries as they work hand in hand to identify, develop, and retain partnerships with businesses and empowering her
clients. Julia is also community advocate, leader and mentor with a desire to inspire youths and improve the lives of everyone she meets. Julia volunteerwith many organizations providing job
readiness training, group counseling, and meal serving. Most recently, while living in Los Angeles, California she assisted agencies such as Claris Health, Harvest Home, Downtown Women’s Center, and
the Union Rescue Mission. She was honored as a Woman of Distinction 2012 when the National Organization of Women Business Owners recognized her work and commitment to those that she serveand was selected as a finalist for the Woman of Distinction Award. Julia holdan Associate degree in mental health and a license in Psychiatric NursingShe is currently enrolled at Western Governors University completing a Bachelor’s Degree with a major in Business Management and a minor in Psychology. When she is off the clock, her hobbies and interests include listening to live music, interior designing, checking out new restaurants and water yoga.

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